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Why is today, many adults, very serious people want to buy an electric scooter? On this question, really, it is not so easy to answer. To more or less correspond to the European standards of a healthy lifestyle, enough to buy a bicycle and make regular trips to the suburban areas or in city parks. However, a job is risky to ride a bike – special tracks have very little, and driving on the highway, you can breathe in exhaust fumes from cars to dizziness.

And what about the scooter? The more attractive this childlike mode of transport, even though the improved electric motor? Try to understand.

Fashion and accessible sport
Scooter – the most convenient and democratic form of transport, it is also a piece of exercise equipment. Try a ride on a “scooter” with a steering – you’ll realize that it’s not as easy as it seems at first glance. It turns out, you should be able to maintain a balance, a start correctly, keep the speed, skillfully avoid obstacles.

razor three wheel scooter

The strange thing is that with such extraordinary popularity of scooters in the world has not yet been issued special publications and training manuals, wherever explained how to should control this vehicle! It turns out that every beginner has to learn self-drive technique, patiently processing after first walking abrasions and bruises.

There is, however, one golden rule scooter control with manual control – it is necessary to throw away the working leg forward and push off as much as possible. Frequent tremors and weak tire traveler and do not allow to develop a high speed. Well, on the Razor electric scooter with an engine need only be able to keep the balance and steering control system.

Fans of electric scooters are willing to tolerate a short probation period, but then to be extremely pleasant time when the owner of a brand new Razor speeds up to 25 km / hour on the sidewalk, deftly circling all sorts of obstacles! Many successful businessmen say that in this journey of adrenaline much more than on a safari trip!

Modern electric scooter can buy even people with more weight – the latest Razor models withstand a man’s weight to 90 kg! Energy with a scooter trips spent quite a lot, so obese office workers to lose weight there is a great chance.

The problem of congestion is solved


electric scooter razor e100
The electric scooter is not necessary to leave the parking lot, like a bicycle – most models have a folding design. Vehicles can bring along in the underground and continue the journey, coming at the right stop. Compact and ergonomic scooter defined his extraordinary popularity.

Of course, it is important that the product honorably withstood the service life, not to disappoint the lucky owner of the fashion transport. To avoid problems is simple – buy an electric scooter-known brands in the company store. For example, none of the holder Razor scooter there is no doubt as to which manufacturer the universal mobile technology is the best.



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